Welcome Beautiful Humans.

My name is Nathalie Larsen. I am a passionate foodie, classically trained plant-based chef, world traveler and Certified, Integrative Nutrition health coach.

Earth to Plate is the platform I created to share my love for good, honest, healing cuisine and to help inspire awareness of what it means to be holistically healthy and happy. My own personal journey with food has been life changing and it has been my driving force to share this loving knowledge with you.

I celebrate a wholesome, plant-based way of eating and living, free from processed foods and artificial ingredients wherever possible. I don’t like labels or having to fit into a box, I feel that only restricts us and holds us back from making wiser choices using what’s available to us.

Firstly, to know where our food comes from and the impact our choices have on the environment, is a massive first step. From there, we choose life-giving wholefoods that are bursting with energy and natural nutrition, and we’re on our way!

Training and Qualification

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York City
Professional Training and Certification Program

Silwood School of Cookery, South Africa
Grande Diploma in Cordon Bleu Cookery

Certification and Accreditation

American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)
Board Certified and Accredited Member

Member of International Association for Health Coaches