“who looks outside, dreams. who looks inside, awakens.”

Being a passionate Yogi and qualified teacher, I can relate to the subtle expressions our foods have on our bodies and mind. What we consume, from our thoughts to the foods we eat, directly affects our practice and how we go about living our lives.

I would love to work with fellow yogi teachers and retreat specialists around the world, who share this very special vision to create customized experiences, which encourage this transformative growth from the inside out.

I combine the medicinal cooking techniques of Ayurveda and Macrobiotics. Offering purifying vegetarian dishes, full of healing herbs and medicinal spices which are seasonal, fresh, clean and full of life force.

Meals are always light and easy to digest, which help to energize as well as restore calm within the body.

I am able to tailor menus to suit specific retreat requirements and offer workshops as an additional service.

Please connect with me personally via my email for more info.

With  love and so much gratitude ❤️