When our senses are awake, we listen, we feel and we CONNECT.
That is the power of self-healing, which is inherent in each and every one of us.

I love to teach; it’s a nourishing expression of sharing love. ❤️
Through hosting these workshops and courses, I will provide you with the tools you need to take conscious steps toward living a vibrantly healthy life.

These classes are designed to inspire you to:

❍ move to an unrefined diet with whole – super – foods

❍ form a healthy relationship with the food you prepare

❍ properly prepare foods for better digestion

❍ familiarize yourself with probiotic benefits of fermented foods

❍ enjoy plant – based cleansing foods for daily, gentle detoxing

❍ live greener and effectively meal plan

❍ treat your self – Guilt free

❍ work through dietary sensitivities by understanding the root cause of inflammatory foods which trigger these symptoms


My classes are inspired by ancient methods of food preparations, combining the nutritional philosophies of Ayurveda and Macrobiotics.

Menus are seasonally planned using locally sourced, organic ingredients as much as possible.

Adopting a combination of these healthy techniques into your daily life, will kick start that mind body connection by feeding you with the active ingredients you need to self heal on a daily basis and feel energized and happy.

Workshops are hosted in different venues and locations depending on where I am in this beautiful world.

Smaller, personal workshops and courses can also be hosted in the privacy of your own home tailored to your specific dietary requirements.

Meals are always included as well as a folder with all the recipes and healthy tips for you to take home.